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MarketLeap x TRIVER partnership

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MarketLeap and TRIVER join forces to empower UK digital brands to sell seamlessly across global e-commerce marketplaces

LONDON –  18 April 2024 MarketLeap and TRIVER have announced a new partnership to revolutionise access to global e-commerce marketplaces.

Leveraging automation and AI, MarketLeap enables digital brands to sell on global marketplaces like Amazon without the operational complexity, with TRIVER offering instant funding to support inventory financing and growth.

Currently, the majority of brands reach a mere 0.2% of their total marketplace reach potential due to constraints related to expertise, time, and capital. Since Brexit, increased customs and logistics complexity has further limited the reach of UK brands seeking to sell across the EU. 

MarketLeap offers a seamless solution to this challenge. The platform is integrated with several partners, including 3rd party logistics and finance service providers, to manage all the operational complexities while continuously supporting brands as they scale up. MarketLeap holds brands’ inventory in its fully outsourced supply-chain network while offering better payment terms than marketplaces. The company uniquely invests in partner brands, contributes to marketing expenses, optimises listings, and supports various other commercial initiatives.

One of MarketLeap’s standout achievements is its ability to drive revenue growth for its clients. On average, brands using the platform have experienced a remarkable 4x increase in revenue within the first month of operations. This transformative impact has attracted a diverse range of clients, including Nordgreen, Defunc, Edible Health, and Guggenheimer Coffee.

TRIVER adds fluidity to this system by allowing brands to receive sales proceeds immediately. Payment lags often prevent sellers from buying more inventory and pushing growth. With TRIVER they can remove this financial constraint in a very simple and affordable way. When they choose, partner brands can just turn their receivables into cash flow, in a click, 24/7.

Edible Health’s COO, Jessika Nilsson, highlights the benefits: “Partnering with MarketLeap is a significant milestone for us at Edible Health. It opens up tremendous opportunities for us to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact. We really appreciate MarketLeap’s tech-first approach to e-commerce, and the result has helped us offer our products to global audiences with almost no extra effort.”

The e-commerce revolution is underway, and MarketLeap and TRIVER are leading the charge, breaking down barriers, and opening doors to global success for digitally native brands.

Mamoun Benkirane, CEO and Co-founder of MarketLeap, said: “We make marketplaces the easiest sales channel for brands, with no time, effort, or capital required, allowing them to focus on what they are most passionate about: building and sourcing their products.”

Jerome Le Luel, CEO and founder of TRIVER, said: “We are delighted to complement MarketLeap’s proposition with the short-term capital that brands need to fund inventory and optimise their cash flow. Our ‘instant capital in a click’ solution embedded via API integrates seamlessly with MarketLeap’s technology to deliver a best in-class customer experience for partner brands”.

Mekki Mouaddeb, COO and Co-founder of Marketleap, said: “After Brexit, and with the growing complexity of selling online on Marketplaces worldwide, this type of partnerships is addressing a large spectrum of challenges and is ideal for UK brands looking to expand to marketplaces in other regions.”

MarketLeap is an AI-enabled operating system that empowers digitally native brands to scale their businesses seamlessly across global e-commerce marketplaces. Founded in 2022 by industry veterans with experience at Amazon and Jumia, MarketLeap aims to democratise e-commerce by making marketplace expansion effortless, risk-free, and immediately profitable for brands. Clients using MarketLeap have experienced substantial revenue growth, and the platform currently supports brands in over 30 countries. For more information, visit


Using AI and Open Banking, TRIVER offers frictionless cash flow financing. TRIVER was founded in 2022 by fintech experts to solve the funding gap for small businesses.  Having created the very first fully automated invoice finance platform, TRIVER turns receivables into cash flow in a click, 24/7. The TRIVER platform also enables embedded finance without complexity, using simple connections via APIs, allowing capital deployment at point of need. For more information, visit